A lot of factors that go into a successful business.  The short list of factors includes:  good product, excellent customer relations, service, marketing, enthusiastic and helpful employees, spending money on necessities instead of tech toys, a good product, and not spending too much money on lawyers, among others.

Not spending too much on lawyers may be surprising reading on at attorney’s website.  I believe it to be important.  Just like spending too much money on the fanciest computers, phone systems, servers, decorating and such can deplete cash reserves that are better spent on the unexpected that always happens in a new business.

My approach is to do the most important things first.  Then plan further legal work in such a way that it can be paid for out of cash flow.  Opening a store, or an office does not require trademarks or service marks until you have products or services in the economy.  Two trusted friends can start a company on the basis of a two page agreement and supplement it later.  There is no need yet to set up mechanisms allowing a franchise or an initial public offering.

I would prefer my clients tell their friends about how cost effective and fair I am than how I sold them a huge set of documents that they may never use.