Lawyers are not trained as financial advisors.  Lawyers are not trained as insurance experts.  Lawyers are generally not trained as CPA’s either.  All of these fields, like law, require specialized education.  They also require continuing education in new ideas, methods and issues to be efficient and proficient.

I encourage clients to discuss planning issues with a competent financial advisor, insurance advisor, and CPA in addition to discussing planning with me.  You deserve to have your estate work the way you want it to work.  You do not need me, or any other lawyer, to fit you into the forms they use; whether they suit your needs or not.  You need a lawyer who is willing to listen to experts in other fields, recognize issues, and effectively deal with them in your estate plan.

Once you have passed on planning your estate issues is – limited.  It is better to make sure everything works before your loved ones need it to work.