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1. What is a Will and who needs a Will?

A will is a legal document that states how your properties and assets will be distributed if you pass away. As soon as you get married, have kids, or start to accumulate assets it is important to get a will.

2. What are the requirements for making a Will?

The major requirements for making a will are being a mentally competent legal adult, and having it signed by yourself in the presence of two disinterested witnesses. A carefully drawn will can do a lot to help your family cope after you pass away.

3. How does one Contest a Will?

You can only contest a will if you have legal standing (you will be personally affected by the outcome of the case), file the will contest within a timely matter, and if you have grounds to contest. There are 4 grounds in which you can contest a will.

a) The will wasn’t legally signed
b) The testator (person who formed the will) lacked mental capacity
c) The testator was wrongly influenced while making the will
d) The will is fraudulent

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